Mercury Wireless ...boldly going where no Internet has gone before.

Topeka, Kansas Internet and Digital Phone Service

Why Mercury Wireless?

CALL TODAY and experience for yourself why Mercury Wireless is a leading Wireless High Speed Internet service provider in Topeka. With download speeds up to 7 Mbps, you can easily stream videos & music, view pictures, email, and access the Internet the way you want. Quit waiting on your satellite or dial-up connection and call us today.

Unlimited Usage!

You paid for it! Use it when & as often as you like! Unlike most other service providers, Mercury Wireless does not limit the amount you can use your Internet and we will NEVER charge you extra for exceeding a limit. Stream content all day long, our network was designed to handle it. You've got enough things to worry about, your Internet usage shouldn't be one of them.

30 day trial

Still unsure? Try it first! Mercury Wireless is so confident in our ability to deliver we give you a 30 day trial. If you don't like it we will refund your money and remove the equipment.

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